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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 5, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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in mitt romney, and she faced no punishment as the poller was assured there is only one "t" in the university. >>shepard: both candidates in the middle of a final day of campaigning before we go do the polls tomorrow. more than a dozen scheduled stops across eight states including ohio which could make-or-break either candidate's chances. >> calling up lawyers. they have been called. thousands of lawyers have spread across all the key swing states ready to challenge any close calls and maybe cause some controversy of their own. more than a million people are still without power all across the storm zone, many have no
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place to go. now, another big winter storm is on the way. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city less than nine hours away from the first polls opening on election day and the nominees are not waste a single second squeezing out any undecided votes in swing states. and the last-minute marathon with stops in eight states today. you can spot the trend. all of the rallies in the battleground states that will decide the race tomorrow. president obama started the day in wisconsin. it will be the last day of campaigning ever, win or lose, campaigning for himself then appearing in ohio with bruce springsteen and rapper jay-z. governor romney will speak in virginia, starting the day in
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florida where he made gains in the polls, and tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this nation is going to change for the better. tomorrow. your work is making a difference, the people of the world are watching the people of america are watching. we can begin a bitter tomorrow. >>shepard: he will head to ohio where the buckeye state will likely decide the race. it could happen earlier in the night. now, fox has confirmed governor romney is planning to campaign in ohio tomorrow as voters are already casting votes. never heard of that. we have team fox coverage. and wendell is in fairfax, virginia, this afternoon and carl cameron has a digital breakup on the bus. the plan to go to ohio he has been trailing in the polls, all of the palms, what do we make of this? >>carl: it is a clear sign
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that mitt romney knows winning victory is at hand but he needs to grab harder. he is not just going to ohio tomorrow but he is going to go to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. in ohio he knows that president obama has closed the gap in ohio and what was at one point appearing to be a lead for the republican former governor of massachusetts has turned into a dead heat and perhaps a bigger advantage for president obama in what was or is central to mitt romney's victory strategy. he will try to keep off advances to the president and put ohio in a victory column for mitt romney and it could be more defensive than what is going on in pennsylvania. in pennsylvania the polls have been closing and mitt romney has been coming from behind and is in a tie. tomorrow, he will go to pittsburgh, the western part of the state, where there is a media market bleed into ohio, but pittsburgh and pennsylvania is a signal they believe they can expand the battlefield and a
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possibility to replace ohio in the lit of states that could get him to the necessary 270 votes to victory but a complement because they are adjacent and the electorates are similar on the shared border. an example of doing something that hasn't been done before. >>shepard: it is great technology, from the press bus, and the technology is terrific. until it isn't. will air force one touched down in columbus, ohio, for the final campaign stop in ohio. the boss will warm up the crowd after hitching a ride with the president, from wisconsin. jay-z will hit the stage in the hour and the president will make the final pitch to voters in a state that has many, many time i have said could decide the vote. the president suggested governor romney would not bring anything new to the table. >> we know what change looked
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like, madison. mitt romney ain't it. giving more power back to the big of the banks is not change. another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy is not change. refusing to answer questions about your policy until after the election, that is not change. that is the oldest game in the book. >>shepard: he will wrap up his campaigning in iowa where his win in the 2008 caucuses put him on the path to the white house. coverage continues now with wendell live in columbus, ohio, we are waiting for the rally to begin. what more can we say? it is crucial. >>reporter: we can expect bruce springsteen to walk out to my right shortly. the folks believe ohio will decide whether the president gets four more years or whether mitt romney moves into the oval office. obama has been here more than any other battleground state.
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mitt romney will be here tomorrow. the latest poll gives the president a two-point edge in ohio now. that is not nearly as large as the lead used to be. it has gone down considerably but obama campaign officials point out that lead has never gone away. the president and mitt romney have two different messages for north and south ohio in the south which is more conservative and that is john boehner country, obama stresses bipartisanship and mitt romney talks tough and brands the presidential's first term a failure. in northern ohio where unions stronger and the auto bailout is more popular, mitt romney plays up his experience working across the aisle as governor of massachusetts and the president will flex his muscles. look for that speech today. >>shepard: what is the campaigning saying about why they went to wisconsin? >>reporter: an important senate race and a battleground
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state, and the former hhs secretary beating tommy thompson and keeping the senate in democratic hands is important to avoid total gridlock. but even in mississippi he saves punches for romney. >> in this campaign mitt romney has tried to repackage the same old bad ideas and make them out to be new ideas. and try to convince you he is all about change, that the bad old ideas are change. we know what change looks like. >>reporter: this is a battle of the band, kid rock will place for mitt romney and the boss and jay-z here for the president.
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>>shepard: the nominees have been fighting it out for months and there is a battle behind-the-scenes building entire armies of lawyers thousands upon thousands of lawyers who are set to sprayed out across spring states reacting to the final numbers if they are close enough to contest, a legacy of the mess in florida in 2000. that recount fight went all the way to the supreme court and now 12 years later both campaigns are ready for whatever may happen in this race. some of the attorneys have based their years around contesting close elections. so you no to the judge napolitano. i was reading the briefing each day about what the judge's thoughts are and it reminded me we do not have one big national election. we have 51 individual elections
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in 51 different areas and in each place you are fighting for the electoral votes from the one spot, in california it is 55 and elsewhere it is three but it is 51 different contests and that is 51 sets of lawyers. >>judge napolitano: when we, together, covered the recount in florida in november of 2000, about which we can tell a lot of stories you could fit around this table which we sitting the people, the lawyers who specialized professionally in election work. now, you can fit them in a small college basketball arena really there are thousands of them and they are researching and preparing and ready to go. litigation that will commence at midnight on tuesday night could be lawyer driven but only happen not states are so close or the controversies are such a magnitude that the lawsuits could change the outcome.
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if one wins by a significant number if there disputes you, thought see litigation. >>shepard: you suggest in some cases not the campaigns but the lawyers themselves could generate the litigation. >>judge napolitano: they will persuade the campaigns their unique knowledge of a very, very narrow and bizarre area of law which did not exist when i was in law school, called election law, which came about since bush vs. gore, they will persuade the campaigns we will get through this with this many votes. now, the loser could go for it. but if this is smaller than the difference, they are not going to go for it and we may know before we wake up on wednesday. >>shepard: this could come down to, they would not let enough people vote, we wanted to vote past midnight. >>judge napolitano: the courts can start voting early.
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for example, when a florida judge permitted voting after midnight on saturday, early voting, that is permissible, but under federal law that judge can permit votes cast after midnight on tuesday, that cannot be change by a judge only changing the constitution or an act of congress could change that. >>shepard: that is not to say fur in line at midnight and you have not voted they will not let you just have to be in line. >>judge napolitano: if you are in line when they close they will not let anyone else in line but they have to let you vote and stop collecting votes and start counting votes at midnight according to federal law. >>shepard: depending on virginia and new hampshire it is possible we may not need to get to ohio. >>judge napolitano: you are right. if governor romney takes both places or if the president takes both places that is a good indication of which way the election is going and then you will see all the lawyers that
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are ready to go to stand down. >>shepard: finally, tomorrow. finally. >>judge napolitano: finally it will be over with. >>shepard: much more ahead as we countdown the hours. both campaigns have some much riding in ohio. what is the strategy if ohio? we have talked about one particular county in ohio and now we have the chairman for the republicans and the chairman for the democrats from one particular county live with us together.?x charlie rose: will you endorse president obama?
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colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>>shepard: a week since hurricane sandy devastated the northeast united states and forecasters say a winter storm is headed to the region, a nor'easter that could slam the area with rain, wind, flooding and snow. this comes as temperatures dip dangerously low with more than a million people suffering through a another day without power, the sixth. a grim testament to the damage with tens of thousands with no place to go and the region on its knees after a once-in-a-lifetime storm. frank survived vietnam. he says staten island, new york, feels like a war zone to him. he and his wife lost everything. they do plan to rebuild. some of the theirs keyed in the storm. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal", hurricane sandy turned that area into a death trap. the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network.
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it reports the victims were older, living alone in low lying coastal areas where the water rose and proved deadly. those who survived are among the estimated 30,000 to 40,000 in need of shelter. that is in new york city alone. some things are returning to normal but the housing nightmare looms. rick has covered this storm since it made landfall along the jersey shore. is anything getting back to normal where you are now? rick: it is a disaster area. we are in a parking lot for the cyclone baseball team and now a relief center. they are lined up for food and water and diapers. here you can see a fema tent, and 206,000 people have signed up for for releaf.
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the buses are for people to get some heat. and there is medical care and public housing still without power, thousands of customs without power. many thousands of people and many of them decided to stay because they didn't want their homes looted. there is extensive water damage here. in coney island a lot of businesses and hems were damaged. a lost food is rotting. there is garbage piled up in the streets and it is nasty. >>shepard: but they providing services. how is the recovery going? rick: well, the challenge is huge. they are trying to get roads cleared and get the power back on. the military is helping. military helicopters were flying over the city on the way to staten island with heavy equipment. the marines are on the helicopters joining national guard troops to help people clear debris and clean up and provide security on the ground.
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their challenge is great. we heard here in this parking lot we heard from the homeland security secretary about getting people housing and now with greater concern about the storm on the way. >> we have established a national power restoring center, moving behind the power companies and get the power back on and keep it on as we look at another storm coming our way. rick: the biggest concern is temporary housing for the tens of thousands of people in the cold. >>shepard: they asked about apartments and the like. now the new storm, headed up the coast i understand. it could bring real problems to the same areas, jersey, new york, and connecticut, and they are suffering. janice, tell us about this.
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>> it is a nor'easter, a moderate nor'easter with winds at 60 to 70 miles per hour and coastal flooding and snow for the mountains and beach erosion and this area is so badly damaged this is just add insult to injury over areas that are hurting. millions of people still without power and it will be a very long period of recovery with this. >>shepard: who will get the worst of this? >> the same areas that got hit by hurricane sandy, and this is a reliable model. the young forecast model that forecast hurricane sandy, and further in the time on wednesday, moving in toward the jersey shore and new york, southern connecticut, and toward new england as we head into thursday, it will be with us. it could linger and we will see flooding and possible storm
12:21 pm
surge at 4' to 5' not including high tide and we will see snow depending how much combed air is wrapped in bit storm moving through but interior sections and the mountains and closer in time, tomorrow we will have a better idea how much rain and know and wind this area will get. >>shepard: people in florida waiting in line to vote spending hours. a look at enormous potential mess in the biggest swing state. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪
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>>shepard: florida is a mess, we are looking at an election meltdown that is similar to 2000 minus the hanging chads
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according to a professor, talking about the voting mess in florida before election day has started. would be voters waited in line up to seven hours to vote. democrats filed an 11th hour lawsuit requesting an extension of early voting and they argue this disenfranchises voters but with election day tomorrow it is not clear what a court could do. and now, live in tampa. early voting ended on saturday, but, folks are still voting from saturday? >>reporter: the official early voting period is over. yet, election officials say you can still vote usually. the people behind me are doing just that. this is the line at election headquarters. they are getting and filing absentee votes that many election headquarters around the state are allowing until tuesday
12:26 pm
at 7:00 p.m. with a lot of complaints about the long lines across florida, and miami county often three hours line and some reports of six or seven hour line. the early voting period is shorter, last year it was 14 days and this year is 8 days. >>shepard: if people do not understand why does it sake so long to vote there is a good reason and it was done by design, wasn't it? >>reporter: the ballot seems to be the main culprit be the longest in history, in some pages 12 pages a poll worker said some took an hour just to read the ballot and to make their vote. it could ease tuesday because there will be a lot more polling places open for early balloting there were 300 spots on tuesday election day there will be 6,000. so we will hopefully not see six or seven hour lines tomorrow. >>shepard: thank you, steve.
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an urgent coming in over the wires, the housing secretary donovan has directed federal housing authority lenders to impose a 90 day moratorium on any foreclosures in the area of the mega storm hit so if you are already down on your luck, and you now have a home you cannot live in or you do not have power, 90 day moratorium on home foreclosures so we can hope people who are beaten up by the storm will not lose the rights to the house in addition with further coverage tonight on fox report. 1.5 million people have voted in ohio. that hasn't stopped both campaigns from doing everything they can to get support in the buckeye state. we are approaching the bottom the hour and the top of the news. will come together.
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these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. if you're thinking about your options, call today. when you call, request your free decision guide. and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. governor romney decided to make one last push for voters in ohio. adding another stop, tomorrow, on election day. the aides say they want do leave no stone unturned in the search for last-minute voters. no republican has ever won the white house without first winning ohio. and ohio has voted for every president since 1960. the president has visited ohio 20 times this year alone.
12:32 pm
he makes it a point to hammer governor romney's opposition to the bailout of the auto industry a major employer in that state. governor romney claims the president mishandled the bailout. now the news live from columbus this afternoon. word of the early voting looked like a mad dash? >>reporter: it did for a while in franklin county. these votes are voting for visual balance in case this is question about the address or registration. this line before 2:00 snaked all the way out the door and folks in front, law enforcement and people with election offices were announcing they had two minutes or less to get in the line so there was literally a mad dash to get in line to cast their vote early. as it turns out it was a naturalize the russian immigrant who was last if line in franklin county. >> i am excited.
12:33 pm
i feel like a star. i decided to do it today rather than tomorrow. i said okay, if not today i will do it tomorrow. more comfortable to do it today. >>reporter: there is election day tomorrow where most of the folks in the state of ohio will vote, votes, early votes are thought to be in favor of the president or banking in his favor. >>shepard: i don't remember anyone campaigning on election day. what is the take away from this move? >>reporter: if you stop and look at it, presidential candidates do campaign on election day but it usually is by television camera by satellite. they do interviews with local television stations, offering under the presidential candidate to local stations which usually jump at it so instead of doing that the romney campaign will go out and do campaigning in person. so this is always a little bit
12:34 pm
with television interviews with local stations in key battleground states tomorrow and you can almost bet your bottom dollar at least one of the states, maybe two or more, will be in the state of ohio which is the battle ground state. >>shepard: thank you, steve. now look what we have: cuyahoga county, you heard the word, it is cleveland and surrounding, and it is is important that everyone knows there are keys to winning for the republican and the democrats there. joining us is the republican committee chair, problem, and the democratic counterpart, stewart, on the right. good morning, gentleman. rob, what is the key in cuyahoga county? >> our key here is turning out our vote in cuyahoga county. i want to make sure your viewers know that cuyahoga county can deliver the highest vote total
12:35 pm
of any county in ohio for governor romney tomorrow. we intend to do that and we intend to deliver the 18 electoral votes for governor romney and winning ohio and the presidency. >>shepard: what do you need for numbers for the president to go, okay, ohio is all right. >>guest: we are looking for 2008 numbers, perhaps better, but 2008 we came in at 258,000 plurality and that was sufficient to carry president obama through to victory state-wide so we fully picket to garner those numbers again. >>shepard: the analysts say 250,000 in cuyahoga county which could belong to the president, and if that county belongs to the president, ohio belongs to the president. do you buy that? >>guest: well, the president may win key august county but the margin will be smaller than last time around and it will noting 250,000 margin.
12:36 pm
we can see that from the early voting. there are few democrats voting early. 17,000 fewer ballots voted early by democrats this time than 2008 and we have 12,000 more republican early ballots cast than four years ago. so you are looking at a 29,000 vote swing and you take that out across the state it is 300,000 vote swing or more in the state of ohio that makes up the difference. >>shepard: to both of you this time, two different plans, two different ways of approaching the ground game. if we could, start but, i understand that the president's ground game office has been open since well before the president was the president. some of them. >>guest: well, that, this ground game has been in effect, probably, shep, for a year and a half. remember, we had senate bill 5 which became issue two last november of 2011 the collective
12:37 pm
bargaining eradication for the unions which energized the ohio democrats and independents and as a result in was a lost effort done by obama's campaign people who came in and graciously provided a lot of assistance and never shut down. we have been on the ground for a year and a half. >>guest: well, we also had on the ballot repudiation obamacare in ohio and it passed in cuyahoga county and passed across the state of ohio saying we do not want obamacare and now we have a chance to elect governor romney and repeal obamacare and we have been up and running with three or four victory centers open in key august county and the difference in the ground game what the democrats are doing is trying to molize the base.
12:38 pm
what governor romney is doing is reaching out to the independent voters and he did that in cleveland and we will carry the independent vote in cuyahoga county and well win a larger percentage, going back to the reagan era. >>shepard: how concerned are you everyone will talk op-ed piece about government stand on auto industry. >>guest: not very. governor romney has answered that well in ohio when he talked correctly about the outsourcing now happening with ohio jobs, ohio jobs with jeep in toledo, west of here and now you see jeep expanding production in china. this is what president obama did, he saved the auto industry so we could expand the auto jobs in china, and i don't think
12:39 pm
people are buying it. the argument is thin and i think it is about all the president has. >>shepard: what i have seen suggested identities. >>guest: well, no one is buying governor romney's notion that g.m. and chrysler are going to be shipping jobs overseas to china. they are going to build plants over there for chinese for china's consumption but that has been shredded by every newspaper and if not just that alone the two c.e.o.'s of general mores and chrysler have come out and repudiated the jobs are staying in ohio so in ohio one out of eight ohio jobs are connected to the auto industry and that is why ohio is doing so well right now and that is why we have one of the lowest unemployments in the state of ohio because of the fact that the auto industry is thriving. not because we let it go bankrupt but because we provided with essential financing at the
12:40 pm
public's assistance and this is why ohio is doing is well. >>shepard: thank you, democrat and republican from cuyahoga county, we will see you two gentleman tomorrow. best of luck. that is your battleground right there. ohio is one of the states where the presidents of still showing it is a tight race. information, political experts say this could be the closest election in history. maybe we will know in a few days. and read a little further down the ballot tomorrow if you have not, you may see one of the 200 ballot initiatives covering everything from marijuana to health care. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy.
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>>shepard: you may recognize this guy. this is bruce springsteen. he and jay-z are at a president obama's rally in columbus, ohio. scheduled to begin shortly the entertainment has begun. also, we are waiting for an event for governor romney who has just walked into the room in fairfax county, virginia. virginia is going to be so important in the early going tomorrow night. right now, they are almost as close as you can be in any poll. it is a virtual dead heat. we will know a lot by northern virginia tomorrow. if the president does very well, well, if governor romney does very well in northern virginia, quote have a long night and a very, very close race. but if the president wins overwhelmingly in northern virginia, it could go the other way. understandably, governor romney is campaigning hard in fairfax
12:45 pm
as the crowd quiets down and he will begin the stump speed with an ad or two. we will listen. >> thank you. >>shepard: let's look at the poll from the state of virginia where they are, governor romney is with his wife of the look at the poll, the latest poll from the state of virginia from the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. and president obama is 48 and mitt romney 47. that is as close as it gets. here is the republican candidate and his wife. >> ladies and gentleman, the next first lady of the united states, ann romney.
12:46 pm
>> what a welcome, thank you, virginia! are we going to be neighbors soon? it's so exciting to walk in a room like this and get cigaretted like that but there are as many of you outside as inside right now. that's the momentum we have been feeling. it is not just in virginia but it is across this country. that is what leads me to believe that i am standing next to the next president of the united states.
12:47 pm
i want to thank you. >> you know, you know, if anyone wants to know where the energy is, if anyone out there that is following american politics wants do know where the energy is, come right here in this room.
12:48 pm
i want to thank your governor, the most popular governor in america. and the first lady, from the common wealth of virginia, and the next senator from the commonwealth of virginia, george allen, and congressman wolf for introducing us here and welcoming us here. and thank you for that welcome. i am overwhelmed. that is something special. thank you. i am looking around to see if we have the beatles here but it looks like you came for the campaign and i appreciate it, your voices and energy and
12:49 pm
passion are being heard all over the nation. we thank you, i thank you for being here and showing us that kind of welcome and for the work that so many of you have been doing, going across the neighborhoods, knocking on doors, making tone calls for you us and putting up signs in your yard and your neighbor's yards. thanks for convincing co-workers to join the team and how important this is for the entire nation, this election, and let's get everyone out to vote on tuesday, everyone you know. what's really inspiring about
12:50 pm
this gathering together, you came here because you care about america. this is a campaign about america and about the future that we will leave to our children and their children. we thank you and ask you to stay with it all the way until we win tomorrow night. perhaps there are a few members of your family or your friends that have not decided who they will vote for yet and so when you talk to them and i will talk to them, ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads and look at the record. look at the record. talk is cheap. but a record is real. and it is earned with effort. when the president promised change you can look and see what happens because change cannot be measured in speeches, it is measures in achievement, and
12:51 pm
four years ago then candidate obama promised to do so very much but he has done so very little. he promised to be a post partisan president. but he was most partisan. but he has casts blame and divided. he said he would focus on job creation. instead he focused on obamacare that killed jobs. he said he would cut the federal deficit. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he doubled it. he said unemployment would be 5.2 percent but it is 7.9 percent, that may sound like small percentage differences but that is 9 million american jobs short what he promised. they are really people. unemployment is today higher than when president obama took office.
12:52 pm
he promised he would propose a plan to save medicare and social security from insolvency. but he didn't. he raided medicare $716 billion to pay for the obamacare plan. he said he would lower health insurance premiums for the average american family, by now, by $2,500 a family. have you seen your health insurance go down by that amount? anyone? i keep looking. actually, what we have seen is the premiums are up for the average family by $3,000. that is a year. with a median income of $50,000 a year, he is off by $5,500. this is tough for america's families. and gasoline new costs $2,000 a family more than it did when he was elected.
12:53 pm
he said he would work across the aisle on the important issues. did you know he has not met on the economy or on jobs or on the budget with either the republican leader of the house or the senate since july. this is november. since july. rather than bridging the divide he has made the divide wider. so when you look at the big debates in the country, not as a republican or a democrat but as an independent thinker, as an american, and you wax what has happened to this country the last fur years with an independent voice, you hope that president obama would live up to the promise to bring people together, to solve big problems, but he hasn't. i will.
12:54 pm
let me tell you why he fell so far short. because he cared more about the liberal agenda he was pursuing than about repairing the economy. did obamacare create if you job jobs? did his war on coal and gas and oil create new jobs? did the dodd-frank regulations make it easier for banks to make loans to people? does raising taxes put people to work? what about the new regulations, do they help small business? >> how about the plan to require companies to have unions where the remain myees want to vote them or not? you passed the test.
12:55 pm
every measure he did hurt the economy so that means it hurt our fellow americans, 23 million of our fellow americans are struggling to find a good jobs one in six of our fellow americans are in poverty. and the middle class, those that are not poor, those that have a job, they still struggling, they have been squeezed the last four years by incomes that have been coming down now $4,300 less in income a year than when he took office, and, at the same time, prices are up, for health insurance and for gasoline and food and electricity. these have been tough times to be middle class in america under this president. this week under i spoke with a wife of a man who is 60 years old in the prime earning years of his life, 60 years old is just fine, by the way.
12:56 pm
i remember being young like that. guy worked for 40 years as a welder. burr he -- but he got laid out she asked, what can i to do help her husband? she made it clear she wasn't talking about getting government check. he want as job. the president thinks more government is the answer. it is not more good jobs. that is the answer for america. >> i think the quote of the election comes down to, you want four more years like the last four years? or do you want real change?
12:57 pm
the president promised change but he could not deliver it. i not only promise change i have a record of achieving it. i actually built a business. and turned around another one and turned around the olympics when they were in trouble. by the way with the legislature that was democrat i turned the state from losses to job growth and higher taxes to higher take home pay. that is why i am running for president. i know how to change the course the nation is on. i balanced budget. you have to do that in business or you go bankrupt. i balanced budgets in my state and the olympics. i will use that skill to balance
12:58 pm
our federal budget and build jobs and goats rising take home pay because accomplishing real change is not just something i talk about. it is something i have done and i will do as the next president of the united states. if you believe we can do better, and you tired of being tired i ask you to vote for real change, paul ryan and i will be real change from day one. i understand when i am elected, the american economy and the job situation is still going to be struggling, stagnant. i will not waste time
12:59 pm
complaining about my predecessor . i will not spend my effort trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to job growth, from day one i will go to work to help americans get to work and people across the country are responding to our five part plan to create jobs. you have heard. part one is taking full advantage of our energy resources. >>shepard: the five part plan part of the closing argument speech we have heard over and over and crowds are reacting to favorably across america. governor romney in fairfax county, virginia, and the schedule is just getting started. we will have you covered through the night, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night from fox, this is america's election headquarters. you are on fox n


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